The concept of Impact Next Gen was conceived by its Founder to open a global channel for people who want to make a difference in the deprived communities in Ghana.

Impact Next Gen vision is to advance the education of children in the deprived communities of Ghana by improving the educational facilities at a school. We identify the urgent needs of a school, provide what we can to meet that need and move on to the next school with similar needs/issues.

Donations can be made as a one off contribution or monthly payments via direct debit. Text/Reading books,old and new computers can also be donated. Please support this worthy cause by donating to Impact Next Gen.

The initial study conducted by the organisation  in the education arena reveal that schools in poor districts lack basic infrastructure school facilities, teaching & learning aids and competent teachers. The organisation will engage directly with the administration of the schools and participate in projects to provide better school facilities in order to attain the long term goal of improving the learning environments to attain high education levels in these communities for a literate and productive future.

The criteria by which the organisation trustees will decide on which community school needs urgent assistance will be based on research data on the following:

(a) safety of the children based on infrastructure facilities
(b) teaching and learning aids
(c) competence of teachers
(d) accessibility of the school
(e) the level of charity funds available


Its worth noting that some communities may not have schools and will require substantial funds to embark on those projects, which will be dictated by how much charitable funds have been raised.

The initial focus of the organisation will be in education and as its charitable funding levels soars then it can extend its charitable activities to health care and sanitation issues in the poorer communities of Ghana.  The organisation is deeply committed to attaining this objective.